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Park Your Domain with Us. We will manage your domain and monetize your domain on you behalf. You will earn money from advertising on your domain name and we will pay you monthly on revenue generated. You still own your domain we just manage it.



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Sell Your Domain...


Sell your Domain with us or list it on Auction. We manage the sale and ensure the smooth transfer of money and your sold domain to the new owner. You set reserve price on Auction or Buy Price on our Store. We charge a small commission fee only on succesful payment and transfer of Domain. No upfront, subscription or registration fees required.




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Buy New Domain...


Buy your new Domain on our Auction or in our Store. You can also speculate with domain names and Buy with the option to sell at a better price. You can also buy a new domain and park it with us and earn money while you wait to either sell it again or for when you require to use it.



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